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Tetris Hell

Tetris Hell
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Tetris Hell is a free game, that is available on tetrises.com. Have you ever been to hell? This game is a really hell and it’s a very difficult for beginner. Tetris Hell is only suitable for experienced player, who does not be afraid of difficulties.
In comparison with classic version, in this tetris you should build on uneven surface.
At the first glance, it can seems to be normal, but in fact it’s a really hell. You should play very well if you want to get a nice result.
In my opinion, it one of the most interesting games on this website.
Moreover, it does good to your mind.
First of all, logical games can improve your mind.
Secondly, you will get enjoy when you play Tetris Hell.
How to play?
In order to move figures, use arrows on a keyboard (Left, Right, Down).