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Tetris online is one of most popular logical games around the world. Tetris was created in 1986 year by Alexey Pajitnov from USSR and today you can find many different variants from the Net. Each game tetris has unique design and difficulty level. Recently, many programmers make new version games. This website was made in order to each person can start to play tetris free online.

If you have an interesting tetris game, you can send it to us through page “contact” and we will add your tetris on this website. I hope that tetris will give you pleasure and will help you relax after hard work day. Go to Master Qwan.

The target of game is to build properly lines. Tetris has many stages and you will not able to be bored during the play.

If you lost and couldn’t win the first time, don’t cry, just you need to practise often.
Many people started to play tetris when they were children and continue do it up to now.

The advantages of playing Tetris online on our website:

  • free online
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  • It helps you unwind and enjoy in front of a screen
  • It’s suitable for child and adult

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